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Look!! A few memes...

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 10, 2015, 1:59 PM
So, first I have to thank :iconrisaru: for my 3mo. membership!! I can't say thank you enough!!

Next, I apologize to those I didn't get a chance to do holiday art for.  But!  I have all year to do art for you now.  >.>  Lame make-up is lame, I know...

So, now I want to do a couple memes from :iconxsketchiedreams:!!

My evil side: 
( ) You have made a little kid cry. 
(x) You have threatened someone and meant it seriously 
( ) You have beat someone up. 
( ) You have stolen money from someone
(x) People have called you a brat
( ) You spend all of your time bossing people around
(x) You have wanted someone/something to die
(x) You have killed someone/something
( ) You yell a lot 
( ) You have punched someone 
(x) You have stolen something from the store
( ) You push people around a lot 
( ) You wear a lot of black
( ) You hate the light 
( ) You swear a lot.  
( ) You are always breaking the rules 
(x) You have skipped school
( ) At school you are a bully
( ) You get mad easily 
( ) You have tons of enemies
(x) You barely have any friends (IRL)
( ) You lie a lot 
) You hate school work more than anything 
( ) You pull tons of pranks on people 
( ) You think it's funny when people die 
( ) You like making people suffer 
( ) You love blood
(x) You know how to shoot a gun 
(x) You have called someone stupid 
( ) You like horror movies 
( ) You like violent things 
( ) You have attempted to kill someone
( ) You love the sound of screaming  
( ) You are happy when people are injured

Total: 9
Multiply by 4: 36%

I'm 34% mean, apparently.


1. Do you snore?
Nope.  I breathe heavily when I'm sick, though.

2. Are you a lover or a fighter?
Lover, mostly.

3. What’s your worst fear?
Losing friends and family

4. As a kid, were you a lego maniac?
Not really...  But I don't know a kid that doesn't like Legos.

5. What do you think of “reality” tv?
Not really a fan of most of it...

6. Do you chew on your straws?

7. Were you a cute baby?
I guess...?

8. Is the single life for you?
Nope.  Tis why I'm married.  :P

9. What color is your keyboard?

10. Do your sing in the shower?

11. Have you ever sky-dived before?
Dear lord, no!

12. Any secret talents?
If I had a secret talent and I told you, it wouldn't be secret anymore, would it?

13. What’s your ideal vacation spot?
Anywhere my loved ones are.

14. Can you swim?
Kinda...  I can do the doggie paddle and I can float...  Works well enough for me.

16. Have you seen the movie "Donnie Darko”?
Is it bad that I can't recall if I have or not?

17. Do you care about the Ozone?
Yes I do.

18. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
Mr. Owl says 3, and owls are wise birds, so he must be right.

19. Can you sing the alphabet backwards?
*turns around...*  Yup.

20. Have you ever been on an airplane?
Once.  I went to visit a friend in Texas!

21. Are you a single child?
No, I'm the oldest of 4.

22. Do you prefer electronic or manual pencil sharpeners?
Manual.  Always.

23. What’s your stand on hunting?
If you gotta eat, you gotta eat.  Besides, wild game meat is better for you, and cheaper!

24. Is marriage in your future?
Nope.  It's in my past.  :P 

25. Do you like your handwriting?

26. What are you allergic to?
Bug bites.

27. When was the last time you said 'I love you?'
Just a little while ago, to my 6mo. old niece.

28. Is Tupac still alive?
I don't really care.

29. Do you cry at weddings?

30. How do you like your eggs?
Only scrambled, if at all.

31. Are blondes dumb?
Not all of them.  But then, not all brunettes or redheads are smart, either.

32. Where does the other sock end up?
In someone else's laundry.

33. What time is it?

34. Do you have a nickname?
Toony (family nickname)

35. Is McDonald's disgusting?
It has its moments.

36. When was the last time you were in a car?
Last night.

37. Do you prefer baths or showers?

38. Is Santa Claus real?
The spirit he represents is, I think.

39. Do you like having you neck kissed?
Bit is better.  >.>

40. Are you afraid of the dark?

41. What are you addicted to?
Orange Kickstart
Hershey chocolate bars

42. Crunchy or creamy peanut butter?
Either, but I like crunchy better.

43. Can you crack your neck?

44. Have you ever ridden in an ambulance?
Nope.  But I've sat in one.

45. How many times have you brushed your teeth today?
Once so far.

46. Is drug free the way to be?
Yep.  Except if the doctor says you need them.

47. Are you a heavy sleeper?
No, I wake up easily.

48. What color are your eyes?
dark chocolate brown

50. Do you like your life?
For the most part?  Sadly, no.

51. Who’s better: Stone Cold or The Rock?
Black and white STING

52. Are you psychic?
No, I'm an empath.

53. Have you read "Catcher in the Rye"?

54. Do you play any instruments?

55. Have you ever stolen money?

56. Can you snowboard?

57. Do you like camping?
Never been, actually.

58. Do you snort when you laugh?

59. Do you believe in magic?

60. Are dogs a human's best friend?
Not mine.  I like dogs as long as they're someone elses and I don't have to clean up after them.  I'm a cat person.

61. You believe in divorce?
If that's what it comes down to, I guess it's what has to happen.

62. Can you do the moonwalk?
Don't recall ever trying.

63. Do you make a lot of mistakes?
It's human nature to make mistakes.

64. Is it cold outside today?

65. What was the last thing you ate?
Cheese flavored popcorn!

66. Do you wear nail polish?
Yup.  :iconkhnd:

67. Have you ever been kissed?
I am married.

68. What's the most annoying TV commercial?

Lelli kelli shoes or whatever
the kids are so cheesy argh

69. Do you shop at American Eagle?

70. Favourite song at the moment?

71. Do you like your job?
Right now, yeah.

72. Do you like your classes in school?
Not in school anymore.

73. How do you like your meat cooked?
Depends on the meat.

74. Do you like these surveys?
Gives me something to post when I can't think of anything else!!

75. Do you know how to tag three peoples?
I do.  But I won't.  Anyone that wants to do it can.

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Born October 29, I've been into arts and/or crafts for as long as I can remember, and even before that. I offer commissions and do trades and gifts from time to time. I have two cats and a husband, and an infant son that resides with the goddess.

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